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The Emerald Select trueLiberty Income Fund's primary investment objective is to seek to provide current income, with capital appreciation as a secondary investment objective.


The Fund seeks to provide investors broad exposure to the master limited partnership ("MLP") market and the current income that can be generated by this asset class. The Fund intends to comply with all restrictions related to registered investment companies including limiting its investments in publicly-traded MLPs to 25%, thereby avoiding taxation as a C-corporation under the Internal Revenue Code. MLPs are able to trade on public securities exchanges like the shares of a corporation, without entity-level taxation.

  • The Fund’s direct MLP investments are typically expected to comprise 20-50 different holdings.
  • Additionally, the Fund will invest in MLP-related securities that seek to replicate the returns of MLPs, including investments that have similar economic characteristics as MLPs in that they derive their returns significantly from an MLP index, a single MLP, or collection of MLPs, as well as MLP-linked derivatives such as swaps, options and exchange traded notes, as well as associated cash equivalent positions.

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